How To Paint Eggs For Easter: Top-20 Of The Most Interesting Ways And Natural Food Colors

According to church tradition, you need to paint eggs on the eve of Easter, on Clean Thursday, on the day when it is customary to clean the house, bathe and have a haircut. And also pysanka or krashanka is a charm and the best Easter gift to friends and relatives. That is why the question of how to paint eggs should be given maximum attention.

Useful Tips

  • So that the paint lays evenly, before boiling the eggs, wipe them with alcohol.
  • To prevent the eggs from breaking during cooking, add a few tablespoons of salt to the water.
  • And so that the eggs are easier to clean, after they are boiled, dip them in cold water for a couple of minutes.
  • If there are children in the house, avoid chemical dyes, choose only natural ones – beetroot juice, onion husks, etc. After all, dyes can penetrate into the middle of the egg and enter the body of the child.
  • If you want Easter eggs to shine after coloring, rub them with vegetable oil.

TOP 20 ways to paint eggs

1. To paint eggs with onion peel is the most famous and easiest way. We prepare the “paint” like this: boil a rather large amount of husk for half an hour, leave it behind and let the broth brew. Then put raw eggs and broth there until cooked. If you want the color darker, it means that the husks are bigger, lighter – take the husks less.

2. If you boil raw eggs with spinach or nettles, they will turn green, depending on the concentration of grass. Although, they say, it all depends on the case, it may turn out not a very beautiful color.

3. Yellow eggs are obtained by boiling them in turmeric. Purple eggs will turn out if painted in violets. You need to take violet flowers, fill them with hot water, let the solution brew and soak the eggs in it for the night. If you add a little lemon juice to the water, you get a lavender color.

4. If cooked with a walnut shell, the eggs will turn out light beige or brown.

5. Pink color can be obtained with cranberry juice. We do this: squeeze the juice, boil the eggs in it, leave it overnight.

6. Blue eggs or blue stains on them can be obtained by rubbing already boiled eggs with leaves of red cabbage.

7. Boil the eggs in ground coffee, and you will get beige or brown dyes.

8. Speckled eggs are easy to do like this: roll a wet egg in rice, buckwheat, or other cereal. Tightly wrap it in gauze, tie it tightly, cook it in any dye. You will get a cute and unusual egg.

9. To get an abstract pattern on the eggs, wrap them in onion husks and wrap in gauze, boil them in husks or any dye. Get an egg in a divorce.

10. Take the leaves of parsley and dill, wrap the egg in them, put the egg in the stocking and boil in the onion husk. You will get an egg with a beautiful pattern.

11. “Silk” dyeing is now a fashionable way to paint Easter eggs, although not entirely harmless. We take white raw eggs, wrap them in pieces of natural silk, for example, cut old ties for this. Then fasten with threads or another cloth. Cook by adding vinegar.

12. Put some rubber bands on the egg and dye it in the dye. Get an egg in stripes.

13. White patterns on the paint can be applied with powdered sugar. We take a glass of powdered sugar, add a little water to make the mixture very thick. Using a pastry syringe, we apply a pattern to boiled and painted eggs.

14. This easter egg will work out if you work a little with wax. We take an already boiled egg and a burning candle. Using a match, apply a drawing. Then we dip the egg in the paint, but not hot, otherwise the wax will melt. Not painted spots are painted, and thanks to the wax on the egg, a picture remains. Then gently scratch the wax or heat lightly on the candles and wash.

15. Scratch eggs are obtained if any pattern is applied to the paint using a needle or other sharp object.

16. You can also decorate eggs with decorative elements. For example, using thin paper strips using the quilling technique.

17. Using acrylic paints you can make speckled eggs. Just take the paints, dilute them to a liquid consistency and use a toothbrush to spray on the boiled eggs placed in the coasters. Let the paint dry and the eggs are ready. It so happens that the eggs are decorated, and harmful paint is minimally used.

18. See how beautifully you can color your eggs with Easter glaze. It turns out that it can be useful not only for Easter cakes and pasques. We take a boiled egg, a tube of glue, a bag of colored sprinkles – and go!

19. Eggs can also be painted with water-based, child-friendly markers. Or using the same colors. To do this, you need paints and a thin brush. To get the drawing neat, first draw a sketch on the boiled egg with a pencil.

20. And how do you like the idea of knitting a real costume for an Easter egg? All kinds of chickens, kittens, lambs, or, for example, a funny bunny.

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